Bits and Pieces

We recently posted a link to a US federal report that argued that the current drought that has been affecting central US since last summer has no connection to global warming.  Here is a rebuttal to that rebuttal ( . It raises some interesting points as well as making references to a number of other research … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

We are not alone…..and I am not talking about ETs

This site has made certain arguments about the negative effects of US economic policies (trade, fiscal, and monetary) and their implications for the prophecies of Revelation.  Though I have not yet read the book, I have seen some interviews with David Stockman about his recently published book, ‘The Great Deformation’ ( Some of his arguments … Continue reading “We are not alone…..and I am not talking about ETs”

Counter Opinion

Recently, we have made numerous comments about the changing weather and the factors that may be driving them.  One researcher has recently published an article claiming that the US drought is not being caused by global warming ( However, given that this study was published by the Federal government, one has to be mindful that … Continue reading “Counter Opinion”

Germany and the Eurozone

We have speculated on numerous occasions about the breakup of the Eurozone.  I sense that there is a growing consensus among certain circles that the Eurozone would be better off without the northern states that insist on adhering to previously agreed upon treaties regarding fiscal and monetary policy (i.e. German, Finland, and the Netherlands).  Soros is … Continue reading “Germany and the Eurozone”

The first shot?

The first Christians to be persecuted, were Jewish people who heard and believed in Jesus.  God chose Paul, who was Jewish, to go to Rome and spread the words of Jesus to non-Jews.  Those Christians were also persecuted.  The persecution only stopped after the Roman government itself converted to the Christian religion.  Today, Christians are … Continue reading “The first shot?”

Bits and Pieces

The Growing Underclass in America With Bernanke and the Fed still in the midst of an unprecedented money printing splurge, the federal government still continues to undermine the incomes of working Americans.  Despite what the media says about a reduction in the unemployment rate, what is usually not mentioned is that fewer people are employed than before … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

A prescient blog entry…no, not mine

I was trying to find more information on the shifting of the jet streams, when I found this blog entry:  It comes from a Columbia University website.  It was written a year ago and though it only briefly touches on the subject of shifting jet streams, it did make a prediction that the coming summer … Continue reading “A prescient blog entry…no, not mine”

Italian Politics

The political drama surrounding the formation of a new government continues in Italy.  The rising party of Grillo and his 5 Star Movement refuses to join in a coalition with the two mainstream parties, and the President (who is responsible for managing the creation of a new government) refuses to ask them to take the lead in … Continue reading “Italian Politics”