Erosion of Democracy and the Rise of the Beast

We have argued in ‘Political Agenda of the Beast’, that the Beast will use the democratic process to gain power, while simultaneously working to weaken those processes.  Once the Beast rises to his final place of power, he will usurp power from the democratic institutions, and will become an autocratic ruler.  We arrived at these … Continue reading “Erosion of Democracy and the Rise of the Beast”

Economic Policies of the End of Days

Within the prophesies of Revelations, we can find those that can be actually tracked in the real world. This is possible because those prophesies relate to events that take years, if not decades, to develop and mature. The prophesies I am referring to relate to the Beast. The Beast, or otherwise known as the Anti-Christ, … Continue reading “Economic Policies of the End of Days”

Political Agenda of the Beast

One of the most well-known prophecies of Revelations is about the rise of the Anti-Christ.  The book of Revelation tells us that the Beast will rise to power over a political entity of merged Western nations – and those nations are democracies at present.  We will argue that the Beast and his supporters are now … Continue reading “Political Agenda of the Beast”