Recent Headlines

Dynamics of Sudden Acceleration of Global Warming We have previously highlighted research that claims it is possible for global average temperatures to increase by 5 degrees Centigrade over a span of only 13 years.  The research argued that this actually happened — over 50 million years ago.  The trigger for this catastrophic spike in global … Continue reading “Recent Headlines”

The Campaign Against Netanyahu Continues

The latest police investigation into alleged wrong doings by Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, has ended with recommendations that he be charged with multiple counts of corruption. During his 12 years as Prime Minister, Netanyahu was charged twice for corruption, only to have those charges dropped.  Netanyahu has declared that these latest … Continue reading “The Campaign Against Netanyahu Continues”

Recent Thoughts

24/7 Propaganda of the Major Media continues unabated The “news” (more appropriately labeled as propaganda) continues to serve as the voice of the Beast and his agents, as it continues its 24/7 work to further the agenda of the Beast.  If dwelt upon, it causes anger to rise and the desire to bring an accounting … Continue reading “Recent Thoughts”

Scientific argument for a catastrophic acceleration of global warming

There was a piece of paleontological climate research that was published a few years back, which concluded that during the Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum, which occurred 56 million years ago, global average temperatures rose by over 5 degrees centigrade within a 13 year time frame. PETM Shocker: When CO2 Levels Doubled 55 Million Years Ago, Earth … Continue reading “Scientific argument for a catastrophic acceleration of global warming”

Interesting Event at the North Pole

There is a website dedicated to tracking the progress of global warming, especially its affect on the Arctic region — The site recently published a new post dated February 1st, which highlights an unusual event — the North Pole is forecast to have a high of zero degrees Centigrade next week.  This represents a … Continue reading “Interesting Event at the North Pole”