The Sixth seal draws nearer

This site has argued that the Fifth seal has been opened (Revelation 6:9) and that we are now waiting for Christ to open the Sixth seal (Revelation 6:12).  We have speculated that the opening of the Sixth seal will be manifested by a major eruption of one of the world’s super volcanos.  We presented scientific … Continue reading “The Sixth seal draws nearer”

Ongoing Trends

The Tyranny of Technology Many have commented on how advances in technology have made it possible to implement the mark of Beast (aka the Anti-Christ).  In Revelation 13:11-17, it says: And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.  … Continue reading “Ongoing Trends”

Sometimes it is best to not tread where others fear to go…..

We have argued that it will be a cataclysmic eruption of a supervolcano that will fulfill the prophecy surrounding the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12-15).  Though the Yellowstone caldera usually first comes to mind, there are a number of other supervolcanos in the world. In Japan, there is a supervolcano on the southern … Continue reading “Sometimes it is best to not tread where others fear to go…..”

Greenland is melting

The heatwave that hit Europe earlier this past week has moved on to Greenland, causing a record breaking amount of melting of its land based ice. The melting of polar ice is part of a number of self-reinforcing processes, which is causing global warming to worsen.  This site has speculated that the real danger … Continue reading “Greenland is melting”

Another reason to leave California

Over the years, this site has thought out loud about the possible benefits of leaving California.  It would seem that the USGS has reminded us of another. A recent report from the USGS (the United States Geological Survey) serves as a reminder of the threat of volcanic eruptions in the United States  (it … Continue reading “Another reason to leave California”

Massive Alaska Earthquake — possible link to polar ice melt

This past week, Alaska suffered a massive earthquake, measuring 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. In the past, we have highlighted research which showed historic correlations between rapid polar ice melts and increased global volcanism — this also includes increased seismic activity. If the link between rapid polar ice melt and increased … Continue reading “Massive Alaska Earthquake — possible link to polar ice melt”

From Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt to the Sixth Seal

Antarctica ice sheets are melting rapidly — a three-fold increase in 5 years — according to a recent study. The author of this article jumps to the assertion that this will lead to sea level rise, which is very misleading (more fake news).  Ice sheets are already displacing water in the ocean, so their … Continue reading “From Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt to the Sixth Seal”

Natural and Man-made Eruptions

The ongoing saga of the volcanic eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii highlights the power of nature. This brings to mind our speculation that a supervolcano will erupt, to herald the opening of the Sixth Seal.  We can expect volcanic activity across the world to increase even more, as scientific research has shown … Continue reading “Natural and Man-made Eruptions”

Coastal Flooding

When it comes to sea level rise and coastal flooding, we can easily say that it falls outside the boundaries of Biblical prophecy.  That does not mean it won’t happen. These articles, whose links I posted, are well written, and eloquently summarize scientific research that was published recently, which discusses the mechanics of … Continue reading “Coastal Flooding”

Antarctica and the Sixth Seal

The recent discoveries relating to Antarctica are quite fascinating.  Only recent technology has allowed man to “see” below the 2 kilometers of ice that cover that continent.  The 91 newly discovered volcanoes of Western Australia and a supervolcano-like caldera that is nearly as large as that found in Yellowstone, makes this region the world’s volcanic … Continue reading “Antarctica and the Sixth Seal”