More on the light side — The Rapture and Aliens

In a previous blog, I speculated that when the Rapture occurs and the Believers are called up to God, the media will be filled with pundits blaming ‘alien abduction’ for their disappearance.  The summer movie season had its fill of aliens-attacking-earth movies, and one (indirectly two) perhaps has supplied the motivation for the massive alien … Continue reading “More on the light side — The Rapture and Aliens”

United States of Europe

This past Sunday, September the 4th, the former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroder gave an interview with Der Spiegel, a German magazine.  In discussions concerning the European debt problems, Schroder called for the individual governments within the EU to pass their fiscal sovereignty to the European Parliament and in effect, create a ‘United States of Europe’. … Continue reading “United States of Europe”

A side track — the Economics of Today

I am tempted to create a separate blog to discuss the economics which is confronting the world today, but for now, I will look to use this entry to summarize my views.  Since this is a slightly complicated topic to summarize, I will need to revisit this entry a few times before I am done. The media, … Continue reading “A side track — the Economics of Today”

A side track — part II

In the part I, we touched on how the systematic decimation of the job base in America has led to the economic crisis we face today.  The successive administrations in the US have resorted to massive government borrowings to stimulate the economy in face of the depressive effects of the job losses, and the Federal Reserve has … Continue reading “A side track — part II”

Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More

The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing across America and has even spread to other nations.  Some will attempt to usurp the phenomenon, but I believe its true spirit is relevant to topics touched upon on this blog.  The US government, during the Financial Crisis of 2008, literally gave billions of dollars to Wall Street … Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street, More ‘Free’ Trade, Roubini Economics, and More”

A real hint of danger

Our current interpretation of Revelations is that the European Union will eventually split apart, and that 10 of the 17 nations will move ahead with a full political union.  One possible scenario, is that the final Unholy 10 will include the United States of America.  This would be a nightmare scenario for American believers.  (The … Continue reading “A real hint of danger”

The Breakup of the Euro Zone — A chance for salvation

Marine Le Pen, the leader of a “far-right” political party in France, the Front National party, has added a new plank to her platform — a call to exit the Eurozone.  The voters of Greece and other nations in the Eurozone still have a chance to save their countries from the tyranny of the Beast … Continue reading “The Breakup of the Euro Zone — A chance for salvation”

Update on US military spending cuts

I have seen several statistics floating around considering the scale of US military spending.  One was that the US spent more money on its military than the rest of the world combined — perhaps a slight exaggeration.  A  more conservative estimate was that the US spent more on its military than the next ten countries … Continue reading “Update on US military spending cuts”

666 technology in India

There is a new identification technology currently being implemented in India.  The system scans the eye and the finger print of the person, creating a unique and electronic identity.  It currently has over 100 million people in its system and is growing so fast, that it is expected to reach 200 million within the month. … Continue reading “666 technology in India”