The Coming War — main scenario intact

The odds are still high that the opening of the Seventh Seal is still a ways off — perhaps another 5 to ten years?  We are still waiting for the opening of the Sixth Seal.  I say this so people don’t get too concerned about the coming war — as Believers, we can rejoice that … Continue reading “The Coming War — main scenario intact”

A Sea of Blood

This site has argued that global warming is happening.  Man-made carbon emissions have warmed the planet to the degree where it has triggered the start of numerous natural global warming self-reinforcing feedback loops.  Those who think the Paris climate accord would help stop global warming are wrong.  There is already enough carbon in the atmosphere … Continue reading “A Sea of Blood”

Not sure if this is true or not….

Given that the reputation of Russian news sources are just as suspect as CNN or MSNBC, it is hard to evaluate a recent report out of Russian. Религиозность The Levada research center conducted a poll which found that the percentage of atheists in Russia fell from 26% to 13%.  It also found that religious … Continue reading “Not sure if this is true or not….”

Stating the obvious

Mass immigration has been one factor in the ongoing suppression of wages in America and the UK.  For America, the source of this mass migration has been illegal immigration from Mexican and Latin America.  For the UK, it has been legal immigration from other EU nations.  Corbyn, the leader of the UK’s Labor Party stated … Continue reading “Stating the obvious”

New York magazine scare piece

The New York magazine recently published a very controversial article concerning global warming. The author of the article later said that he was describing the worst case scenario of global warming.  I found the article interesting as it has made similar arguments to those found on this site. The clock is ticking, and we … Continue reading “New York magazine scare piece”

Boreal Forest Ablaze

In Revelation 8:7, we are told what will happen when the first trumpet is blown, after the Seventh Seal is opened: The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was … Continue reading “Boreal Forest Ablaze”

5.2 M Earthquake Directly on Supervolcano Lid

It was just reported that a 5.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in Kagoshima, Japan.   The earthquake happened directly on top of the Sakurajima supervolcano caldera lid. This represents the type of earthquake that has the highest potential of causing a catastrophic eruption.  Should such an earthquake sufficiently weaken the lid covering the caldera, the … Continue reading “5.2 M Earthquake Directly on Supervolcano Lid”