Things continue to heat up in Siberia

Siberia historically conjures up images of extreme cold and ice.  However, things are changing there quite quickly. The ongoing heatwave in Siberia continues to bring problems to the area.  A massive oil spill occurred because the permafrost upon which the storage tank was built, melted and the ground collapsed under the weight of the … Continue reading “Things continue to heat up in Siberia”

The storm will not blow past

Since the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, the agents of the Beast have been looking to foment societal chaos.  They will continue to do so until November — they know they cannot win an honest election, so they are looking to maximize societal chaos in hopes that they can win through mass fraudulent mail-in voting. … Continue reading “The storm will not blow past”

Federal Police

We are arguing that the current move to “defund the police” is the first step in the longer term goal of a federal police force.  The Democrat sponsored bill to “reform” local police forces represents the first steps to bring this about. Once the federal government begins to dictate local police policies, then it … Continue reading “Federal Police”

The Coming Tyrant

We have argued that the Beast will rule as a tyrant, destroying any remaining vestiges of democracy when he rises to his final place of power.  The agents of the Beast are preparing for his rise — one aspect of their preparations is to undercut and weaken democratic processes and institutions.  The movement to “defund” … Continue reading “The Coming Tyrant”