US Military Expenditures and Armageddon

The press has recently reported that members of the US Congress, from both sides of the aisle, are moving to further cut domestic spending programs in order to prevent further cuts to the military budget.  Believers must question why the government needs to spend so much money on the military when there are no declared … Continue reading “US Military Expenditures and Armageddon”

New Section

Today I posted a new section entitled, The Erosion of Democracy and the Ascension of the Beast.  The main point of the argument is that the top 1% have accumulated so much wealth that they will be able to subvert the democratic institutions in America and Europe, to their own ends.  This will go beyond … Continue reading “New Section”

Illegal immigration and a national identification card

Last week, there was a poorly reasoned opinion piece that was available on the Bloomberg website, a business news service. It made a bad argument about how the Arizona illegal immigrant law could lead to the introduction of a national identification card. I will not go into the tortured logic as that is not the … Continue reading “Illegal immigration and a national identification card”