From Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt to the Sixth Seal

Antarctica ice sheets are melting rapidly — a three-fold increase in 5 years — according to a recent study. The author of this article jumps to the assertion that this will lead to sea level rise, which is very misleading (more fake news).  Ice sheets are already displacing water in the ocean, so their … Continue reading “From Antarctic Ice Sheet Melt to the Sixth Seal”

Trump’s Tariffs and Global Warming

This bit has nothing to do with Signs of Revelation per se, so go ahead and skip it if you prefer, as I just wanted to bring up an idea that came to mind. Many Western nations have been imposing “carbon taxes” on their own economies, in a failed attempt to reduce carbon emissions.  This … Continue reading “Trump’s Tariffs and Global Warming”

Finally, there is a new Italian government

The League and the Five Star Movement have finally officially formed the new government for Italy. We shall see if this will prove to be the catalyst for a break of the EU in its current form.  In a twist, the new government is not arguing that Italy should leave the Euro, but it … Continue reading “Finally, there is a new Italian government”

Science and Faith

We have argued that contrary to what “intellectuals” claim, science can be a friend of faith.  Scientific studies and research are pointing to events that will serve to fulfill prophecies found in Revelation.  On a side note,  a new scientific study can be used to collaborate Noah’s flood from the Old Testament. ttps:// Roughly 7,000 … Continue reading “Science and Faith”