The Changing Dynamics of World Power

The most recent defense budget announced by the Pentagon included a dramatic cut in the size of the Army, reducing the headcount to pre-WWII levels for the first time ( Secretary of Defense Hagel referred to the dire fiscal situation of the US as one driver of the cuts — the other being the mandated … Continue reading “The Changing Dynamics of World Power”

Signs of the Black Rider

When the third seal is opened, Revelation says a rider on a black horse will be released on the world, and he will be a bringer of famine.  Given global warming and the changing weather patterns that it brings, we can be sure that food production will be impacted.  At present, we can determine that … Continue reading “Signs of the Black Rider”

More clarity regarding the legal ramifications

An article in Der Spiegel has brought more clarity as to the ramifications of the recent ruling by the German Supreme Court on the ECB’s OMT program(   It would appear the initial reaction of the media pundits and the financial markets were too optimistic — or rather, their reaction assumed the victory of the … Continue reading “More clarity regarding the legal ramifications”

News Flash

The long awaited decision by the German Supreme Court regarding the ECB’s OMT program was released today.  As we suspected, the court found that the OMT program was outside of the mandate of the ECB and that it violated rules prohibiting the monetarization of member government’s debt.  However, the German High Court deferred its final … Continue reading “News Flash”

The German Supreme Court busts a move….not

Last year, a number of plaintiffs, includes the Bundesbank, went to the German Supreme Court in an attempt to stop the ECB from implementing its announced Outright Monetary Transactions (aka OMT) program, where the ECB will buy ‘unlimited’ amounts of member states’ government debt.  The plaintiffs argued that the OMT program violated agreed upon treaties … Continue reading “The German Supreme Court busts a move….not”

Who says science disproves the Bible?

Some of the prophecies in Revelations are framed in such massive scale, it is understandable that even some so-called Christians argue that the Bible is pure symbolism or some giant allegory.  A recent article published by the scientific publication, National Geoscience, (, has actually served to make one prophecy of Revelation all too real. The … Continue reading “Who says science disproves the Bible?”

The Boycott — continued

The children of the Beast have opened a new front in their efforts to create a more decadent society, with the ultimate goal of keeping more young people from becoming Believers.  They are championing the ‘rights’ of transvestite school children to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex at their local schools. … Continue reading “The Boycott — continued”