While we are talking about surging inflation….

More so for the US, but also for Europe, any attempt to tame surging inflation is complicated by recent surges in illegal immigration.  There are different factors that cause inflation, i.e. the rate of rise in overall price levels.  Monetary factors are the main driver, as the unprecedent monetary stimulus provided by the central banks … Continue reading “While we are talking about surging inflation….”

The path to Venezuelan dystopia

To continue on with the theme of the economic Latinization of the US, Newsom gives more support to our argument — Governor Newsom Proposes $18.1 Billion Inflation Relief Package | California Governor When the government spends more money to bring “inflation relief”, all the government does is give inflation an even bigger boost.  By providing … Continue reading “The path to Venezuelan dystopia”

America is becoming even more Latin

Awhile ago (I am being lazy and not looking up when), I posted a write up about America becoming Latin — in terms of its economics (we will just ignore the open border for now).  The monetary and fiscal policy of America was becoming more and more similar to those of Argentina and Venezuela. The … Continue reading “America is becoming even more Latin”