Bits and Pieces

There have been numerous new stories that confirm that many trends are still intact.  On an often touched upon subject, the growing underclass in America, a couple of interesting articles we published (, and  I was watching CNBC recently, and they were talking about the original Cyprus bailout plan, which proposed a ‘levy’ of about … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

A new political party in Germany

On the Der Spiegel website (, there is a story that discusses the birth of a new German political party.  This new party, Alternative for Germany, calls for the end of the Euro.  They favor either a return to national currencies or to have smaller currency zones created.  Just as this site has repeated stated, the Alternative … Continue reading “A new political party in Germany”

Wealth distribution — it is not about taxes

CNN posted a video from Youtube entitled, ‘Wealth Inequality in America’.  It is reported to have gone viral with 3.8 million hits.  Given CNN’s track record, I would assume that their pundits would argue that this supports the view that we need to raise taxes on the rich.  Whereas the tax code is in need … Continue reading “Wealth distribution — it is not about taxes”

The ‘success’ of US economic policies

Following up on the previous blog, I thought I would post a couple of more links to related stories (, The US economic policies as they relate to trade, fiscal, monetary, and immigration, have been a tremendous ‘success’ story for large US corporations.  On the cost side, ‘globalization’ has allowed them to freely move their … Continue reading “The ‘success’ of US economic policies”

The people of the Netherlands start to move

The Financial Times has recently reported on a movement in the Netherlands to hold a referendum on the EU fiscal compact.  Enough voters (40,000) have signed the petition to require their legislature to take up the issue in their regular session.  Supporters of EU membership — politicians and other political interest groups — have consistently refused … Continue reading “The people of the Netherlands start to move”

Economic Policies of the End of Days (revisited)

The economic policies that will lead us to the End of Days are still in place.  The export of jobs from America and Europe (one aspect of ‘globalization’ of the economy), the massive use of government borrowing and printing of money to offset the economic effects of those job losses, and the subsequent worsening of … Continue reading “Economic Policies of the End of Days (revisited)”

The Birds and the Bees….well, mostly the Bees

This entry is about food production (gotcha!).  There was an interesting post on the Smithsonian site ( which discusses the role of domesticated and wild bees in food production.  Whereas it is common knowledge that the domesticated bees play a crucial role in the pollination of many produce products, this article discusses the important role that … Continue reading “The Birds and the Bees….well, mostly the Bees”

Current monetary policy will end badly

I have often argued that the current economic, fiscal, and monetary policy in the US will create conditions that will enable the Beast to gain dominion over America.  Drastic change is needed move America towards a different destiny. The start of the ‘sequester’ (previously referred to as the ‘fiscal cliff’, which represents the start of … Continue reading “Current monetary policy will end badly”