Global Financial Markets

The major central banks of the world — the Federal Reserve Bank, the ECB, the Bank of China, the Bank of Japan, etc — have directly and indirectly intervened into their stock markets, bond markets, currency markets and even real estate markets, to manipulate them and create artificial prices.  This unprecedented interference in the price … Continue reading “Global Financial Markets”

Where is a good place to find refuge in the End of Days

I am very bad at tech.  I have said it many times.  Years early, I noticed that someone actually posted a comment, actually it was a question (I still am not sure what all the blog settings are).  The question was, where can we find refuge in the End of Days?.  I did not answer, … Continue reading “Where is a good place to find refuge in the End of Days”

Scientific make-things-up-on-the-fly theories

This site has argued that the scientific research surrounding global warming supports our arguments that we are in the End of Days.  We have further argued that ‘natural’-self-reinforcing warming cycles have been triggered by man-made global warming, which will result in sudden spikes of accelerated warming, which will result in the manifestation of certain prophecies … Continue reading “Scientific make-things-up-on-the-fly theories”

The coming European mega-state

This site has argued from day one that in order for the creation of an European mega-state to happen, the current European Union would need to first break apart.  Once that occurred, those EU members who wished to move ahead with full political integration would be then free to do so. George Soros, a c.o.b. … Continue reading “The coming European mega-state”

A vision — in ‘business’ terms, not religious

I have started to contact web designers to finally redo this site.  I am not having much luck so far (nobody seems interested in the job so far) — perhaps if you were to remember this site in your prayers, we could find good people to work with. I would argue that the children of … Continue reading “A vision — in ‘business’ terms, not religious”

Bits and Pieces

European Science Foundation The European Science Foundation has recently published a report which claims that the world is entering a period of heightened risk of a cataclysmic supervolcano eruption. — This is quite fortuitous timing, as this site has been arguing that such an eruption will accompany the opening of the sixth seal, as … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”