End Game of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration serves a number of functions for the agents of the Beast.  It weakens the sovereignty of a nation, as control of the border and the ability to determine who lives in the country is a fundamental power of a sovereign nation.  However, the more immediate effect is that the illegal immigrants would be … Continue reading “End Game of Illegal Immigration”

Lake Tahoe is warming up and its only just the beginning

In our topics discussion, ‘The Seventh Seal and Global Warming’, we argued that it will be global warming that drives the manifestation of the third trumpet, where one third of the world’s fresh water turns ‘bitter’.  We can see anecdotal signs already of the beginning of this process. Lake Tahoe’s waters have warmed to temperatures … Continue reading “Lake Tahoe is warming up and its only just the beginning”

Media Propaganda, the Beast, and Political Power

I will soon start publishing a series of write ups in regards to the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and his coming ascension to power.  In order to gain control over the nations of the West, the Beast and his agents will say and do anything to amass political power.  They will need political power to … Continue reading “Media Propaganda, the Beast, and Political Power”

Updated Write Up — The Seventh Seal and Global Warming

Today, a new write up was published, entitled ‘The Seventh Seal and Global Warming’.  It is an updated version of ‘Science and the Seventh Seal’, so the older write up has been moved to the Archive section. I will continue to focus on updating the major topical write ups.  Once complete, I will be able … Continue reading “Updated Write Up — The Seventh Seal and Global Warming”

Brexit — Break up to make up

Despite the massive propaganda efforts by the media (though amazingly some media outlets gave support to the leave camp), the dire warnings from established politicians of the leading parties, the negative report from the IMF, and the hypocritical plea from President Obama, the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.  This … Continue reading “Brexit — Break up to make up”