For those people still trapped in the domain of Death and Hades, things are heating up — literally.  Iraq is now suffering through a major heat wave, with temperatures soaring over 50 degrees centigrade.

As global warming processes continue to push average temperatures ever higher, heat spikes will become increasing vicious.  Some research argues that global warming will make parts of the Middle East ‘unlivable’ for humans.

Most likely, before atmospheric temperatures climb to such a level, drought and the overall lack of water (as local aquifers get pumped dry) will become a much more pressing issue.  Unbearable heat and lack of water is expected to cause social turmoil even in the more stable nations in the region.

Given the many factors driving strife and conflict in the Middle East and Africa, one must question the efficacy of spending trillions of dollars on military operations to kill Muslim ‘terrorists’ and overthrow Muslim governments deemed to be hostile to Israel.

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