Illegal immigration serves a number of functions for the agents of the Beast.  It weakens the sovereignty of a nation, as control of the border and the ability to determine who lives in the country is a fundamental power of a sovereign nation.  However, the more immediate effect is that the illegal immigrants would be more open to surrendering the sovereignty of their host nation, if they were given the ability to vote.  At present, illegal immigrants are not able to vote legally (which does not mean they are not used in voter fraud).  The end game for those who encourage illegal immigration is granting them the right to vote in elections.  New York City has talked about it, and now San Francisco is moving to give illegal immigrants voting rights.

Illegal immigration in Europe has become a recent issue, as Muslim refugees and African refugees pour into the European Union.  Those who wish to force a political merger of EU member states will use the illegal immigrants to further erode the sovereignty of its member nations.  Illegal immigration in America is in a much more advanced state, where the flood of illegal immigrants are already affecting elections, and those who would have America surrender its sovereignty will fight to give those immigrants voting rights in order to advance their political agenda.

The agents of the Beast continue to be extremely active in preparing the way for his rise.

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