It is summer time in the Northern Hemisphere, and things are heating up.  This year has seen month after month of record global heat, and this July was no exception.

As written on the Weather site —

Global mean temperatures in July 2016 were the warmest on record not just for July, but for any month dating to the late 1800s, according to separate just-released analyses.

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies found July 2016 was the globe’s warmest July in their dataset dating to 1880.

The variance from the historical average is accelerating, and could be the start of ‘sudden climate change’.  We have made the argument that given the timeline of the prophecies of Revelation, global warming will need to accelerate in order to bring about the prophecies of the seventh seal.  The news is filled with events that foreshadow the coming trumpet calls.

The heat and drought of California are again resulting in massive forest fires.  The most latest has resulted in over 80,000 people being forced to evacuate their homes.

Perhaps even more serious have been the forest fires in the Arctic boreal forests.  Siberia is experiencing record breaking forest fires, in terms of the amount of acreage being ravaged by fire.  The Arctic regions are currently experiencing the highest jump, in both absolute and percentage terms, in atmospheric and ocean water temperatures.  This is driving force behind the burning of the boreal forests — a foreshadowing of the sounding of the first trumpet, where one third of the world will burn from intense heat and drought.

We earlier discussed record water temperatures in Lake Tahoe.  Lakes in Utah are experiencing similar problems of high water temperatures and an increase in the severity and frequency of toxic algae blooms.

This is a foreshadowing of the third trumpet, where one third of the world’s fresh water turns bitter.  We have argued that global warming will heat up the lakes to such a degree, that they will be engulfed in toxic algae blooms, and rendered unfit for drinking.  If you are currently dependent on a lake for your drinking supplies, you must make preparations for alternative sources of drinking water.  The toxins cannot be filtered out or boiled out of the water.

The news is filled with the signs of the coming prophecies of Revelation.  Be prepared for what is coming.  If the raptures takes us away, you can leave it for your friends and loved ones who are left behind — they will bless you for it.

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