We have been discussing global warming and how it might play a part in bringing about some of the prophecies found in Revelation.  Given our position that Christ will return by 2047 (100 years after the founding of Israel), global warming would need to accelerate in an extreme manner in order to be a driver of some of the events of the End of Days.

This year’s increase in global average temperatures, as measured as a divergence from industrial age averages, could be indicating that our expected acceleration of global warming has already begun.  However, one event could serve to be the catalyst that will mark the explosive increase in global warming needed bring about the events of the Seventh Seal — an Arctic that is ‘ice-free’.

The atmospheric and ocean water temperatures of the Arctic region is warming at a much faster rate, in both absolute and percentage terms, than the global average.  This is resulting in an ongoing annual decrease of summer ice found in the Arctic.  Though mainstream forecasts call for an ice-free summertime Arctic (as defined by less than 1 millions square kilometers of ice) within the next 50 years, one leading Arctic scientist believes that this will occur by next summer or by 2018 at the latest.


Professor Peter Wadhams first published his ground breaking research in 2013, where he discussed how man-made global warming would set off a powerful, natural, self-reinforcing global warming process.  He argued that once global warming progressed to the point where it would melt the permafrost in the Arctic, massive amounts of methane would be released, causing a catastrophic acceleration of global warming.

This process has already begun as the warmer  Arctic temperatures are releasing incredible amounts of methane into the atmosphere.  An ice-free Arctic would set the stage for the catastrophic release of methane into the atmosphere.  The role of the Arctic polar ice cap in moderating temperatures can be illustrated by a simple lab experiment.  Put some ice in a beaker of water, and turn a heat lamp on.  The ice will absorb much of the heat, keeping the water temperature fairly stable — until the ice melts.  Without the ice to absorb the heat, the water temperature will begin to rise relatively quickly.  Similarly, when the Arctic becomes ice-free in the warm summer months, the temperature of the Arctic Ocean will increase at an accelerated rate.  Beneath the shallow East Siberian Sea lies a seabed that has been frozen for millennia, and locked in that ice is such an incredible amount of methane, that when the ocean waters warm enough to melt that permafrost, the blast of methane that will be released will be sufficient to bring about the events linked to the first three trumpets of the Seventh Seal (please refer to the topic, ‘Revelation and the Seventh Seal’).

The melting of the Arctic ice, and the coming of an ice-free Arctic region, is not just some bit of obscure scientific minutia.  It serves as a time marker, that helps us to better estimate where we are in the timeline of the End of Days, as described in Revelation.  Assuming that we are possibly several years away from the opening of the Seventh Seal, then that would imply that the opening of the Sixth Seal is very close at hand.

The opening of the Sixth Seal will be as wondrous as it will be terrifying.  It will serve to let the whole world know that we are truly in the End of Days.


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