EU Refugee Taxi Service

The press tell us that the Italian navy is ‘rescuing’ desperate refugees off the coast of Libya. Basically, African nationals will pile up in boats, with no engines, or otherwise in boats that have no chance of ever traveling very far from the Libyan coast.  They then wait for the Italian navy to pick … Continue reading “EU Refugee Taxi Service”

A Farewell to Ice

Professor Peter Wadhams has recently published a book entitled ‘A Farewell to Ice’, where he lays out his arguments regarding the impacts of man-made global warming in the Arctic region. Peter Wadhams has been passionate in his arguments that man-made global warming has triggered a self-reinforcing cycle of global warming in the Arctic region. … Continue reading “A Farewell to Ice”

Major News Media has Zero Credibility

I would argue that aside from news reports on traffic accidents, the weather, and local crime, the major news outlets have absolutely zero credibility.  So much of the ‘news’ serves as spin for the agenda of those working for the rise of the secular Jewish moshiach, aka Anti-Christ. One ‘news’ article from the BBC stood … Continue reading “Major News Media has Zero Credibility”

Election Fraud — It is real

There are those who would dismiss the dangers of election fraud as ‘conspiracy theory’, but as the agents of the Beast have demonstrated, they will say and do anything in their quest for political power.  In this year’s elections in Austria, the agents of the Beast sought to prevent Norbert Hofer from coming to power. … Continue reading “Election Fraud — It is real”

One step closer to global war

We have argued that the conflicts in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq will continue until it morphs into a global conflict, based on Revelation 9:13-15: And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,  Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, … Continue reading “One step closer to global war”

Euphrates Shield

The recent Turkish tank invasion of Syria has an interesting name — Euphrates Shield.  Given that there are four pissed off fallen angels still chained up in the Euphrates River, a Turkish tank invasion will not do anything to shield them when those angels are unleashed. This invasion of Syria marks a dramatic increase … Continue reading “Euphrates Shield”

More Propaganda for a Cashless Society

Bloomberg is often filled with propaganda that supports the agenda of the coming Anti-Christ.  Here is just a more obvious ‘opinion’ piece, which makes a ridiculous argument — abolishing cash would make for a free market. The agents of the coming Beast are actively working on their agendas.  The abolishment of cash is just … Continue reading “More Propaganda for a Cashless Society”

A Crucial Inflection Point?

We have been discussing global warming and how it might play a part in bringing about some of the prophecies found in Revelation.  Given our position that Christ will return by 2047 (100 years after the founding of Israel), global warming would need to accelerate in an extreme manner in order to be a driver … Continue reading “A Crucial Inflection Point?”

Things Start to Heat Up…..Literally

For those people still trapped in the domain of Death and Hades, things are heating up — literally.  Iraq is now suffering through a major heat wave, with temperatures soaring over 50 degrees centigrade. As global warming processes continue to push average temperatures ever higher, heat spikes will become increasing vicious.  Some research argues … Continue reading “Things Start to Heat Up…..Literally”