Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are in the news daily, as the US seeks the overthrow of the Assad regime in Syria.  I would argue that ISIS is merely a side-show, given that the US does nothing about Sunni Kingdoms’ funding of ISIS, nor has it moved to stop Turkey from funding ISIS through its purchase of oil from that group.  Revelation tells us that the conflict in Iraq, Syria, and Turkey will not only continue, but that it will be the catalyst for a global conflict that will result in the use of weapons of mass destruction.

In Revelation 9:13-15, it is written:

13And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,

14Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

15And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

From this passage, we learn that God has basically changed up four angels, which we can assume are fallen angels, to the Euphrates River.  The Euphrates River starts in Turkey and flows through both Syria and Iraq, before emptying into the Persian Gulf.  Based on this, I would argue that Turkey, Syria, and Iraq, together, form the Zone of Death.

Assuming that these are fallen angels, those who were cast to Earth along with Satan for rebelling against God, they will be extremely pissed off after being chained for millennia.  I would argue that the current conflict being waged in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq will not only continue, but will worsen over time.  Unlike previous Middle Eastern conflicts, the war in Syria is different, as Syria is being protected by Russia.  Because of this linkage, a worsening of the conflict has the potential to spread to a global conflict.  Turkey has already shot down a Russian fighter jet, and given that Turkey is a NATO member, any conflict between Turkey and Russia has the potential to become a conflict between NATO and Russia.  Also, given the Russian connection, it has recently been reported that Russia is bringing in the Chinese to assist in Syria.

The passage in Revelation also says that a ‘third part of men’ will be slain as a result of the releasing of the four angels bound in the Euphrates River.  This not only implies a global conflict, but also a nuclear conflict as only through a nuclear exchange could a third part of mankind be killed.  Given the massive imbalance in military spending, Russia has clearly stated that it will use nuclear weapons to stave off a defeat in a conventional war.  In recent headlines, the turmoil in Turkey is resulting in the US moving the nuclear weapons it stored in a Turkish military base.

US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania

The implication is clear.  The US also has made preparations for the use of tactical nuclear weapons.  Tactical nuclear weapons, such as neutron bombs, are designed for battlefield use.  One example for battlefield use of tactical nuclear weapons, from the viewpoint of the US and NATO, would be to stop a massive invasion of Russian tanks and other armored vehicles.  Neutron bombs are specifically designed to have a shorter half-life, and also designed to maximize human mortality while minimizing damage to the surrounding environment — making it perfect for use in a battlefield situation.

The Zone of Death now has all the pieces in place for an escalation of the war on Assad’s rule in Syria to escalate into a major global conflict.  The US and Sunni Kingdoms are now faced off against Syria, Iran, and Russia (with China recently reported to be sending in advisers to Syria to help train government military assets).  Turkey has been a wild card as it supports ISIS, while fighting the Russians, Assad, and Kurds (who are fighting Turkey and ISIS).  Most recently, Erdogan has been making friendly overtures to Russia at the same time that he is consolidating his control over Turkey.  Turkey remains a wild card, and perhaps the unstable catalyst that will eventually trigger the start of the global conflict in the future.

We have argued that America has been a major contributing factor to spreading war and conflict in the Middle East and Africa through its military overthrow of various Muslim governments.  In a similar vein, the US attempts to overthrow Assad and in the process, the US aggressive stance against Russia, would indicate that the US may similarly be a major contributing factor to the coming global war that will lead to the death of ‘the third part of man’.

The signs of the Revelation surround us — both of prophecies being fulfilled now, and of the coming manifestation of prophecies of the not so distant future.


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