The warmongering statements being issued by the illegitimate Biden administration is really heating up.  The Whore must have the ability to read minds as I do not know if a war has ever been so plainly telegraphed — the White House has even given us the specific day of the start of “Russian” hostilities.  Personally, this specificity is more of an indication that Ukraine will launch a major offensive against the break away region of Donbass (this would be something that the US would know about), rather than Russia unilaterally launching an invasion of Ukraine (which would serve no benefit to the Russians at this point of time).

U.S. Warns of Risk That Russia Attacks Ukraine Next Week – Bloomberg

This site has speculated that the US has been arming and otherwise preparing the Ukraine military to take back the Donbass region — and if successful to move on to retake Crimea.  The Russians will not accept the loss of their military base in Crimea, and will be forced into a military conflict to defend it.  If America were successful in pushing Russia out of Crimea, they would then move against Belarus and even places like Kazakhstan.

We have already argued for why the Whore, the power behind the illegitimate Biden administration, would be motivated to instigate a war in Europe.  A “news” site in Australia has published a paid for (I assume) propaganda piece about an imminent massive Russian cyber attack.

Cyber security expert warns of targeted cyberattacks on Australia | — Australia’s leading news site

I have no idea why Russia would bother cyber attacking Australia, but it is the same sort of “narrative construction” that this site has anticipated.  I would expect that this sort of propaganda will intensify the closer we come to the November elections in the US.  A US instigated war with Russia will be used by the illegitimate Biden administration to take federal control of the state and local voting machines in order to rig the upcoming Congressional elections.  They will claim to necessity of protecting them against Russian hacking, though instead, it will be the Whore that hacks the machines, allowing them to take total control over Congress.

Should the illegitimate Biden administration be successful in instigating a war in Europe, the Beast — the power behind the European Union — will suffer and fall further under the domination of the Whore (please refer to previous posts if this statement is not understood).  I would suspect that this European tragedy would serve as a catalyst for the Beast’s hatred for the Whore.

I did not expect things to heat up so quickly.  We will just have to see how events unfold — the Whore will  do and say anything to solidify and expand its hold on America.  Democracy is on its deathbed in America.  Should the Whore be successful in rigging the upcoming US Congressional elections, there will be nothing to stop the Whore from turning all of America into a hellscape.  Every Believer will need to make very difficult choices.  May God bless you with faith and wisdom.



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