Just as anticipated:

US braces for wave of cyberattacks media (bignewsnetwork.com)

US cyber defense agency warns of possible Russian cyberattacks amid tensions (yahoo.com)

Rather than deter a “Russian invasion”, the illegitimate Biden administration is more interested in taking Federal control of the state and local voting machines in order to “protect” them from Russian hacking.  Under this fake “narrative”, the Whore will look to rig the upcoming US Congressional elections by hacking the voting machines themselves, to ensure that the Democrats have complete control over both Houses of Congress.  Should this occur, then democracy will be dead as a door nail in America.

From a secular viewpoint, there is only one course of action left.  From a spiritual viewpoint, things are a bit more complicated, however, Revelation does tell us that all of Heaven will rejoice in the destruction of the Whore (Revelation 19:1-3).

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