At the start of the last Democratic Presidential candidate nomination process, I had speculated that Kamala Harris was the top candidate to represent the interests of the agents of the Beast.  Her absolute dismal performance resulted in her leaving the race, but given our earlier prediction, it was not surprising that she ended up being Biden’s running mate.  After a year of Joe Biden’s administration, the knives are now coming out (well, it was only a slightly negative comment, but it is significant given the absolutely Kim Jong-Un like hero-worship coverage so far), as CNN’s coverage of Biden has taken a (slightly) negative turn.  This site speculated that Joe Biden would not be President for long — and we were not alone in that call.  Biden was never fit to be President, but as the Democrats knew that they would only win the Presidential election by rigging the vote, it really did not matter.

The mass media chorus for Biden to step down will eventually emerge, as it is only a tactical matter of timing — e.g. before or after the mid-term elections.  Soon the illegitimate Biden Presidency will morph into the ultra-illegitimate Harris Presidency.  This site raised the alarm over the candidacy of Pete Buttigieg as he made statements that laid out a rational for a government sanctioned “crack down” on evangelical Christians, as they would be labeled “extremists” for their religious beliefs (something that is already happening in the US military).  Given this, our current scenario is that when Biden is removed from the Presidency, President Harris will have Pete Buttigieg as her Vice-President — and America will be well and truly f@cked.  Only the opening of the Sixth Seal or a second Revolutionary war (actually, both would probably be needed) will remove the Whore of Babylon from Washington DC.

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