Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has been replaced by a new administration, compromised of basically every other political party other than his own (i.e. Lukid).   Left-wing parties, supposed right-wing parties, and for the first time in history, parties representing non-Jewish Israelis (aka Palestinians) have joined the ruling coalition — all united in their desire to see the end of the Netanyahu era.

This site has made the argument that the agents of the Beast need to remove Netanyahu in order to begin the dismantling of Israel’s Zionist policies.  The Beast will be unable to merge Israel into his coming mega-state should its current Zionist policies remain in place.  With the agents of the Beast firmly in control of the European Union and with the Whore of Babylon (the power behind the Biden administration) controlling Washington DC, Bennett (the new Prime Minister of Israel) will begin the process of dismantling those policies rooted in Zionism.  It will be a long process, but it will get the full support of the mass media and the social media, as well as financial and moral support from Washington and Brussels.  Political control of Israel is a key goal of the Beast, as he must  rebuild the Jewish Temple on the Mount and be able to use it to proclaim his Godhood (as the Jewish moschiach) to the world (2Thessalonians 2:3-4).

More and more blocks are falling into place as we move deeper into the End of Days.  We will continue to monitor events in Israel, as the day for Israel’s application to join the EU draws near (well, for now, its a small speck on the horizon).


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