The implications of this site’s arguments regarding the nature of the Beast (aka the Anti-Christ) and the Whore of Babylon are that they are both from the Jewish faith.  The Beast has very specific plans for Israel, as this site has repeatedly detailed.  I would assume that the Beast and the Whore are also aligned on this issue — they both are working to merge Israel, first into the European Union, and eventually into the politically merged European mega-state.  Given that Netanyahu and his staunch defense of Zionism is a massive hinderance to that aim, it is safe to say that the Biden administration and the EU do not see Netanyahu as their friend.

For the Beast (and I would guess the Whore), gaining political control of Israel is of central importance.  The Beast must control Israel in order to rebuild the Jewish Temple.  The Beast (and the Whore) will absolutely do anything to achieve this.  Given this, the Netanyahu administration is now in a serious bind, as the Beast and the Whore can use the outbreak of war in Gaza as a weapon to bring down his administration.  He will have to be an incredibly crafty politician to outsmart, not only the Palestinians and Iranians, but also to outmaneuver his supposed American and European allies.  I would hazard a ‘guess’ that just as America has prolonged the Ukraine conflict for their own political ends, so will the Biden administration try to prolong the Gaza war until they can effectively undermine and remove Netanyahu from power.  This ‘guess’ is not directly tied to prophecy, but rather is a second or third derivative of our arguments regarding prophecy.  Given this, should we be proven wrong, it will just go into the bin of ‘whatever’.

Should events in Gaza prove to be a catalyst for a wider war in the region, which it could be given the opening of the Second and Fourth Seals (Revelations chapter 6), it would start to make us wonder if such a turn of events will play a role in the destruction of the Whore and of Babylon.  The world is filled with signs of Revelation.

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