The illegitimate Biden administration and Democrats have acted as expected.  Biden won the Presidential election through massive voter fraud, and the Democrats are now moving to change the laws and regulations to enable them replicate that same large-scale voter fraud in both state and local  elections.  In the US Congress, the Democrats are moving forward with a bill innocuously called H.R. 1 which, if passed, would enable the Democrats to rig and win any and every election.  Elections in America will have the same meaning as the ones in Russia or Venezuela.

The Facts About H.R. 1: The “For the People Act of 2021” | The Heritage Foundation

The Democrats are also moving to deal another death blow to democracy in America, by eliminating the Constitutional protections of the Bill of Rights.  In the US Congress (which the Democrats now control), they are proposing legislation to “reform” the Supreme Court — the last remaining bulwark of democracy.  Should the Democrats succeed in expanding the number of judges on the Supreme Court, they will then move to insert people who will allow them to undermine and destroy any Constitutional restraint on their behavior.  The agents of the Beast will move to usher in a tyrannical government, in preparation for the coming of the Beast.

Democrats kick off push to pack Supreme Court with four new justices | Fox News

In tandem with their attacks on democracy, the agents of the Beast, who are the controlling power behind the illegitimate US government, have also moved with their ongoing effort to destroy the sovereignty of America.  There is nothing more defining of a nation-state than its sovereign borders — a nation without borders is no nation at all.  The agents of the Beast seek to effectively eliminate national borders in their drive to undermine and ultimately destroy nation-states.  As illegal immigrants surge into America, the Democrats are granting them benefits as if they were citizens — which again serves to undermine the sovereignty of the nation by destroying the concept of citizenship.  The agents of the Beast ultimate aim is granting full citizenship to any and all illegal immigrants, destroying the sovereignty of America just as they destroyed democracy in America.

Once the agents of the Beast achieve turning America into a “failed state”, they will move to merge America into the mega-state of the Beast.  The prophecies of Revelation clearly show us the political agenda of the Beast (which perfectly coincides with the actions of the illegitimate federal government in America).  The signs of the End of Days surround us.




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