US Heat Wave

It is easy to talk about weather change in the summer when a massive heat wave has most of the country in its grip.  However, weather change has been and will be a reoccurring theme for our writing.  Mentioned in an earlier entry, there was an interesting research piece that showed the recent (last 20 years) rises … Continue reading “US Heat Wave”

Global Warming is a long term phenomenon

We have talked off and on about global warming and weather change.  There was a recent article in the International Herald Tribune that was discussing the US heat wave and drought in a more global perspective.  While the heat and lack of rain has been devastating the corn and soybean crop in the US, the article … Continue reading “Global Warming is a long term phenomenon”

A Countdown Clock for the Returning Christ

God may have given us a clock to watch that will let us know when the return of Christ draws near. Recent scientific research argues that a 2 degree centigrade rise in global average temperature will result in cataclysmic environmental damage. It was previously thought that degree of temperature rise was the upper limit of … Continue reading “A Countdown Clock for the Returning Christ”

The US Drought will continue in 2013?

I have been watching a site that has a US drought monitor on it (  It shows that drought conditions in important US agricultural areas continue.  Experts are predicting that this drought will continue in 2013.  This will ensure that global grain prices will remain high and food inflation will affect everyone. No one wants … Continue reading “The US Drought will continue in 2013?”

Counter Opinion

Recently, we have made numerous comments about the changing weather and the factors that may be driving them.  One researcher has recently published an article claiming that the US drought is not being caused by global warming ( However, given that this study was published by the Federal government, one has to be mindful that … Continue reading “Counter Opinion”

Bits and Pieces

We recently posted a link to a US federal report that argued that the current drought that has been affecting central US since last summer has no connection to global warming.  Here is a rebuttal to that rebuttal ( . It raises some interesting points as well as making references to a number of other research … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

Science continues to reflect images of Revelation

We have previously argued that science supports the prophecies of Revelation, as the scenarios painted for the not too distant future by the climate scientists are consistent with the sufferings found in Revelation.  New research shows that the changes impacting the world are quite dynamic.  I have found the following article quite interesting —–Study-1400594247/. This … Continue reading “Science continues to reflect images of Revelation”

Time Line

We have recently proposed that global warming will be a driving factor behind the realization of several prophecies found in Revelation (refer to the section ‘Science and Revelation’).  However, we are faced with one glaring discrepancy — the scientific timeline for a severe increase in temperatures are usually 80 to 100 years or more away, … Continue reading “Time Line”

A Farewell to Ice

Professor Peter Wadhams has recently published a book entitled ‘A Farewell to Ice’, where he lays out his arguments regarding the impacts of man-made global warming in the Arctic region. Peter Wadhams has been passionate in his arguments that man-made global warming has triggered a self-reinforcing cycle of global warming in the Arctic region. … Continue reading “A Farewell to Ice”