A side track — the Economics of Today

I am tempted to create a separate blog to discuss the economics which is confronting the world today, but for now, I will look to use this entry to summarize my views.  Since this is a slightly complicated topic to summarize, I will need to revisit this entry a few times before I am done. The media, … Continue reading “A side track — the Economics of Today”

A side track — part II

In the part I, we touched on how the systematic decimation of the job base in America has led to the economic crisis we face today.  The successive administrations in the US have resorted to massive government borrowings to stimulate the economy in face of the depressive effects of the job losses, and the Federal Reserve has … Continue reading “A side track — part II”

A real hint of danger

Our current interpretation of Revelations is that the European Union will eventually split apart, and that 10 of the 17 nations will move ahead with a full political union.  One possible scenario, is that the final Unholy 10 will include the United States of America.  This would be a nightmare scenario for American believers.  (The … Continue reading “A real hint of danger”

More Air Into The Bubble…For A Bigger Boom

Recent days has seen the European Central Bank lend one trillion Euros to European banks — in effect printing one trillion Euros. The ECB is hoping to do two things. First is to keep effectively bankrupt banks in business as the governments of Greece and Italy do not have the funds to bail them out. … Continue reading “More Air Into The Bubble…For A Bigger Boom”

Another Step Towards The Mark?

The massive healthcare bill, otherwise known as Obama-care, was passed by Congress two years ago and is now being reviewed by the US Supreme Court. The central provision being focused on is whether the federal government can force American citizens to buy private health insurance. Can the federal government impel its citizens to enter into … Continue reading “Another Step Towards The Mark?”

Spanish Banks and Government Debt

On April 12th, it was announced that Spanish banks increased their borrowing from the ECB (European Central Bank) by over 50% in March. It was also announced that their holding of Spanish government debt increase. Spanish banks increased their borrowing from the ECB by about 75 billion Euros and they increased their holdings of Spanish … Continue reading “Spanish Banks and Government Debt”

Is this how it begins?

On October 14th, ABC News came out with an article about Los Angeles (http://abcnews.go.com/US/t/story/los-angeles-mayor-id-card-immigrants-17472428).  The current mayor, Villaraigosa, is proposing to issue city I.D. cards that will also have ATM functionality.  Those who oppose the move point to the fact that these I. D. cards will be available to illegal aliens, making it easier for … Continue reading “Is this how it begins?”

Fiscal Cliff — expanded

I have attempted to expand certain thoughts relating to the importance of the fiscal cliff facing America.  There are many thoughts that interconnect on this topic, so I will probably end up revisiting this again to explore its different aspects. Fiscal Cliff – A chance for a new direction The ‘fiscal cliff’ currently facing America … Continue reading “Fiscal Cliff — expanded”

When you see ‘fiscal cliff’ in the media, think ‘debt mountain’

I have already discussed various aspects of the fiscal cliff from the view point of biblical prophecy.  I am not very good at computers (as you may have noticed by looking at the construction of this site), so I am unable to make nice graphs and data tables.  Otherwise I would make a graph of the … Continue reading “When you see ‘fiscal cliff’ in the media, think ‘debt mountain’”

A Path Away From the Beast

Even with the re-election of Obama, America can still make walk a path that will lead away from the Beast.  There are two key decisions that await America. First, the massive increase in government debt under Obama must stop.  Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are attempting to create another leverage-driven financial bubble, with the real … Continue reading “A Path Away From the Beast”