Science is our friend — continued

Previously, we had discussed how science supports some of the arguments being made on this website.  In particular, we have argued that given, 1.  the creation of Israel started the count down for the return of the Christ and 2. the biblical prophecy ‘not a generation will pass’ from the start of the count down … Continue reading “Science is our friend — continued”

Good Timing

This article just came out, and given my recent posts, it just seemed like good timing — Last week, there was a new research piece out that argued that the Atlantic Ocean was serving as a heat sink, absorbing massive amounts of heat, and thus causing a pause in the rise of average global … Continue reading “Good Timing”

California Burning

Previously, we have pointed to the current California drought and heat, and postulated that it could be a model for what will happen to ‘a third of the world ‘.  One prophecy says that a third of the world will be ‘burned up’.  At present, large parts of California are literally burning up — I … Continue reading “California Burning”

Follow up — AMOC slowing

I just wanted to quickly follow up on a scientific point regarding affects of a slowing/stopping AMOC.  According to one report – – — when the AMOC slows, the ocean temperatures rise further in the South Atlantic.  This results in warmer atmospheric temperatures in South America and Africa.  Given this, we can see that a slowing … Continue reading “Follow up — AMOC slowing”

NASA jumps on the bandwagon

We had previously highlighted research about historical ‘mega-droughts’ in the western areas of the United States.  One scientific researcher even asserted that the current California drought began years ago, and will continue for years to come.  Recently, a NASA researcher reiterated some of the findings previously discussed work, and then took it one step further, … Continue reading “NASA jumps on the bandwagon”

Ocean acidity and seas of blood

There have been new strides in the ability to monitor the growing acidity in the world’s oceans — We earlier argued that the growing acidity of the world’s ocean may play a significant role in bringing about some of the prophecies found in Revelation. There are two prophecies which call for the oceans to turn … Continue reading “Ocean acidity and seas of blood”

Siberian potholes

We highlighted and discuss the possible implication of the mysterious Siberian craters when they first come out last year.  It now appears that there are many more craters than first thought — It would seem that scientists are still withholding judgement on what is the cause for these explosive craters, which grew from a … Continue reading “Siberian potholes”

Heat spikes, Geoengineering, and Prophecy

We have argued that global warming is a real phenomena.  We have also argued that the scientific warnings are consistent with prophecies found in Revelation.  Furthermore, we have postulated that global warming will need to accelerate and to create massive heat spikes in order to be the driving cause for certain prophecies that we expect … Continue reading “Heat spikes, Geoengineering, and Prophecy”

Esoteric science can be a friend of faith

Any field of science where I am not sure of how to pronounce the field-specific terminology, let alone be able to spell them, I would give it the label of ‘esoteric’.  I have been reading up on some recent findings in the area of oceanography, more precisely, the study of ocean currents.  Ordinarily, my eyes … Continue reading “Esoteric science can be a friend of faith”

Heat Spike Detonator

I have never been in the military, so the biggest explosive that I have handled was a very large firecracker.  In the movies, we have often seen how a small explosive device is often required to set off the larger blast (before mobile phones became the detonator of choice).  It is possible that scientists have … Continue reading “Heat Spike Detonator”