Who says science disproves the Bible?

Some of the prophecies in Revelations are framed in such massive scale, it is understandable that even some so-called Christians argue that the Bible is pure symbolism or some giant allegory.  A recent article published by the scientific publication, National Geoscience, (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25598050), has actually served to make one prophecy of Revelation all too real. The … Continue reading “Who says science disproves the Bible?”

Reality is more interesting than fiction

Lately, I find it hard to finish a novel.  They just seem so uninteresting.  What is happening in the world today is just so much more fascinating.  Perhaps the more skeptical would consider some of the ideas and arguments found here as pure fantasy, more fitting for a B-movie.  However, I would argue that as a … Continue reading “Reality is more interesting than fiction”

Pre-News — California supervolcano eruption??

Like the Tom Cruise movie, ‘Minority Report’, many western, democratic nations are making ‘pre-crime’ laws in relation to terror threats.  For example, you can now be arrested for heading to Turkey if the government things you are intending to fight for the ISIL.  This opens up so many doors for abuse in the future, it … Continue reading “Pre-News — California supervolcano eruption??”

Esoteric science can be a friend of faith

Any field of science where I am not sure of how to pronounce the field-specific terminology, let alone be able to spell them, I would give it the label of ‘esoteric’.  I have been reading up on some recent findings in the area of oceanography, more precisely, the study of ocean currents.  Ordinarily, my eyes … Continue reading “Esoteric science can be a friend of faith”

Heat Spike Detonator

I have never been in the military, so the biggest explosive that I have handled was a very large firecracker.  In the movies, we have often seen how a small explosive device is often required to set off the larger blast (before mobile phones became the detonator of choice).  It is possible that scientists have … Continue reading “Heat Spike Detonator”

Arctic methane related blogs

I have recently found two blogs that are dedicated to publishing news and research relating to Arctic warming.  It appears that they publish verifiable data and make reference to published research, so I am assuming that these sites are reliable. http://arcticmethane.blogspot.jp/ http://arctic-news.blogspot.jp/ I have referenced these blog sites because they have very interesting pieces on … Continue reading “Arctic methane related blogs”

Bits and Pieces

Middle Earth Not only are the glaciers of the world of melting — Iceland, Switzerland, Nepal — but also the glaciers of Middle Earth.    http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11491426 I went to the mountains of New Zealand’s south island, which were so beautifully highlighted in many scenes from the Lord of the Rings.  They were truly beautiful.  I make … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”


We have argued that a catastrophic supervolcano eruption could fulfill certain prophecies found in Revelation — Revelation 6:12 and 8:12.  Scientific research has linked a high level of global volcanism to the melting of land ice in Antarctica and the Arctic — which is occurring now.  We have based our speculation on this research. This … Continue reading “Sakurajima”

Bits and PIeces

The Sixth Seal It can be argued that Death and Hades have been set loose and are laying claim to their quarter of the world.  We have previously cited a UN report on refugees and referencing that report, it would seem that a quarter of the world is now engulfed in conflicts that are causing … Continue reading “Bits and PIeces”

Bits and Pieces

 Massive Red Tide The large ‘blob’ of unusually warm ocean water off the California coast has been identified as one possible factor causing that state’s drought.  It is also an important factor for the ongoing presence of a massive harmful algae bloom (aka HAB) off the West Coast (warmer water is conducive to the formation of … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”