The first shot?

The first Christians to be persecuted, were Jewish people who heard and believed in Jesus.  God chose Paul, who was Jewish, to go to Rome and spread the words of Jesus to non-Jews.  Those Christians were also persecuted.  The persecution only stopped after the Roman government itself converted to the Christian religion.  Today, Christians are … Continue reading “The first shot?”

The growing Christian minority and the coming persecution

The Supreme Court ruling establishing the legality of marriage between homosexual couples may prove to be a powerful force in causing Christians to become a small minority of the US (and Europe as well as countries there move to legalize gay marriage). The Bible has clearly stated its teaching that homosexual acts are abhorrent to God.  Given … Continue reading “The growing Christian minority and the coming persecution”

Bits and Pieces

Nationwide Identification Systems — necessary infrastructure for the Mark We have made note of the efforts of Washington DC to establish a nationwide identification system, by embedding the needed legislation within the details of the immigration reform bill.  Now we have word that the FBI is also making a new nationwide identification system that will … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

Hostile Authorities

Perhaps I will have to rewrite ‘Coming Persecution’ that I moved to the Archives section, as it has become relevant after recent news out of Houston — A recently elected lesbian mayor of Houston has demanded that church pastors submit their sermons that deal with homosexuality or the mayor to the government before they give … Continue reading “Hostile Authorities”

Has the 5th seal been opened?

For myself, when I view the title of a ‘news’ article, and that title is in the form of a question, then I know that it is not a news article, but rather a propaganda-based opinion piece (which I then promptly ignore)…..please do not stop reading here. In Revelation 6:9-11, it is written: When he … Continue reading “Has the 5th seal been opened?”

Bits and Pieces

Look Beyond the Headlines The slaughter of Believers in a church in South Carolina is being seen as a racist act, rather than one of religious martyrdom, given the testimony of the killer.  However, there are plenty of other places where black people (this is one instance where I wish there would be some definitive alternative … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”

Persecution of Christians in America

The ongoing arson attacks of churches in America continue — These attacks against Believers in America seems to go unreported in America, as this information comes to us through the courtesy of a British media outlet.  Though still painted as an act of repression against African-Americans (I have lately come to think the common usage … Continue reading “Persecution of Christians in America”

The Opening of the Fifth Seal

Revelation tells us that the End of Days will begin with the opening of the first seal, which releases the first of the horsemen of the apocalypse.  The second, third, and fourth seal similarly release the remaining horsemen.  With the opening of the fifth seal, we witness a more complex scene: And when he had … Continue reading “The Opening of the Fifth Seal”

Churches Burning

In the past we had made note of churches being burned due to arson attacks, and had argued that they were not expressions of racism, but rather an expression of religious persecution of the Christian faith. The phenomena of church burnings has spread to Australia, where two such arson attacks has recently occurred —   … Continue reading “Churches Burning”

Bits and Pieces

European Science Foundation The European Science Foundation has recently published a report which claims that the world is entering a period of heightened risk of a cataclysmic supervolcano eruption. — This is quite fortuitous timing, as this site has been arguing that such an eruption will accompany the opening of the sixth seal, as … Continue reading “Bits and Pieces”