United States of Europe

This past Sunday, September the 4th, the former Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroder gave an interview with Der Spiegel, a German magazine.  In discussions concerning the European debt problems, Schroder called for the individual governments within the EU to pass their fiscal sovereignty to the European Parliament and in effect, create a ‘United States of Europe’. … Continue reading “United States of Europe”

The Breakup of the Euro Zone — A chance for salvation

Marine Le Pen, the leader of a “far-right” political party in France, the Front National party, has added a new plank to her platform — a call to exit the Eurozone.  The voters of Greece and other nations in the Eurozone still have a chance to save their countries from the tyranny of the Beast … Continue reading “The Breakup of the Euro Zone — A chance for salvation”

Update on US military spending cuts

I have seen several statistics floating around considering the scale of US military spending.  One was that the US spent more money on its military than the rest of the world combined — perhaps a slight exaggeration.  A  more conservative estimate was that the US spent more on its military than the next ten countries … Continue reading “Update on US military spending cuts”

666 technology in India

There is a new identification technology currently being implemented in India.  The system scans the eye and the finger print of the person, creating a unique and electronic identity.  It currently has over 100 million people in its system and is growing so fast, that it is expected to reach 200 million within the month. … Continue reading “666 technology in India”

The Unholy 10

The prophesies of Revelations say that the Anti-Christ will come to lead a 10 nation confederation of nations.  He will have his mark placed on all the people under his dominion and that mark will be required to buy or sell anything.  Currently there is only one confederation of nations that share a unified economic … Continue reading “The Unholy 10”

Presidential Politics

It is foolish to listen to promises that politicians make during an election year.  The odds are slim that they will deliver on 90% of them – or make that 99%.  You need to look at what they have done in the past and you need to examine where they get their campaign money from.  … Continue reading “Presidential Politics”

Illegal immigration and a national identification card

Last week, there was a poorly reasoned opinion piece that was available on the Bloomberg website, a business news service. It made a bad argument about how the Arizona illegal immigrant law could lead to the introduction of a national identification card. I will not go into the tortured logic as that is not the … Continue reading “Illegal immigration and a national identification card”

New Section

Today I posted a new section entitled, The Erosion of Democracy and the Ascension of the Beast.  The main point of the argument is that the top 1% have accumulated so much wealth that they will be able to subvert the democratic institutions in America and Europe, to their own ends.  This will go beyond … Continue reading “New Section”

America and the Beast

When I first started this website, it had never entered my mind that America was at risk of falling under the power of the Beast. America was not part of the European Union and did not use the euro as its currency. However, it gradually dawned on me that there was not only a risk … Continue reading “America and the Beast”

Supreme Court rules on Obamacare

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional.  The majority opinion ruled that while the individual mandate clause forcing individuals to buy private insurance was unconstitutional under the Commerce clause, it was constitutional as a tax.  I will not say anything further except to say that you should read the dissenting opinion for … Continue reading “Supreme Court rules on Obamacare”