Trumpets are sounding?

Last week, a couple of stories that we have been following had updates. In the first article, we see a direct link between the acidification of the oceans water (i.e. decreasing ph levels) and a reduction of an ocean food source.  Previously we discussed a report from a biologist who found that off the coast … Continue reading “Trumpets are sounding?”

The Birds and the Bees….well, mostly the Bees

This entry is about food production (gotcha!).  There was an interesting post on the Smithsonian site ( which discusses the role of domesticated and wild bees in food production.  Whereas it is common knowledge that the domesticated bees play a crucial role in the pollination of many produce products, this article discusses the important role that … Continue reading “The Birds and the Bees….well, mostly the Bees”

Getting dry downunder

Parts of Australia are suffering from drought conditions (  This is consistent with global weather models that predict that Australia will be one of the locations that will suffer drought conditions due to global warming. The Australian continent has some unique geological features that makes its food production especially vulnerable to adverse conditions.  Though its … Continue reading “Getting dry downunder”

Signs of the Black Rider

When the third seal is opened, Revelation says a rider on a black horse will be released on the world, and he will be a bringer of famine.  Given global warming and the changing weather patterns that it brings, we can be sure that food production will be impacted.  At present, we can determine that … Continue reading “Signs of the Black Rider”

The Changing Dynamics of World Power

The most recent defense budget announced by the Pentagon included a dramatic cut in the size of the Army, reducing the headcount to pre-WWII levels for the first time ( Secretary of Defense Hagel referred to the dire fiscal situation of the US as one driver of the cuts — the other being the mandated … Continue reading “The Changing Dynamics of World Power”

The Red Rider — revisited

This site often discusses news that relates to the coming of the Beast, as it is a geopolitical event that will take time to develop.  With that said, we see by reading Revelation that his ascension to his final place of power takes place towards the end of the Last Days.  What takes place at … Continue reading “The Red Rider — revisited”

Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble

A witches brew is in the making in the world.  There is nothing to stop Russia from pursuing its own perceived security goal of keeping Ukraine a security buffer between itself and NATO — indeed, this time, it has been NATO that has been increasingly encroaching on the Russia borders.  The Obama administration (with the … Continue reading “Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble”

The White Rider

As I usually do when I touch upon the interpretation of scripture, I will again state that I am a layman and have not attended any kind of seminary.  With that out of the way, I became curious about what Bible studies might say about the first horseman of Revelation — the rider of the white horse. … Continue reading “The White Rider”

Watching and Waiting

The situation in Ukraine continues to edge its way to a full blown war — it already borders on civil war, with the threat of a Russian invasion always near.  At the same time, the China-Japan dispute continues apace, with the Vietnamese making the toughest stance against the Chinese in the South China Sea.  Though … Continue reading “Watching and Waiting”

It is rather quite out there

Though there are interesting bits and pieces that can be gleamed from the news, there has been little to comment on.  The recent attacks and territorial gains by the ISIS in Iraq makes me again contemplate on the coming of the Red Rider. I saw an interesting article that stated that some Christians believe that … Continue reading “It is rather quite out there”