Look Beyond the Headlines

The slaughter of Believers in a church in South Carolina is being seen as a racist act, rather than one of religious martyrdom, given the testimony of the killer.  However, there are plenty of other places where black people (this is one instance where I wish there would be some definitive alternative phrase) gather, other than a church.  Looking beyond color, there has been an ongoing persecution of Believers in America and not a single voice of outrage is being heard —

Churches are being burned to the ground, and yet just because they are seen as ‘black churches’, there is no talk of religious persecution.  In Europe, Catholic churches are also being torched.  I remember a time, not so long ago, when the Sunni and the Shiite did not blow each other up with bombs, or attack each other while praying in a mosque.  I also remember when I read about the first instance of such a sectarian bombing, and thought that it made no sense — it only made sense if you were not a Muslim and wanted to inflame Muslim sectarian violence.  I get a similar feeling when I read about these burning of ‘black churches’ — even for the Klu Klux Klan, what would be the point of burning black churches?  It does not add up.

Christian churches are literally under attack and it is being spun in the media as an act of racial hatred.  I would argue that this goes beyond race, and it will only be a matter of time before ‘white churches’ start getting torched — do not be fooled when the media continues to spin racial hatred.  The persecution of Believers in America may be closer than anyone can imagine.

Ocean Acidification

The BBC is highlighting recent research that discusses the threat to the world’s ocean’s from greenhouse gases, in the form of higher ocean temperatures and ocean acidification.  The article itself is fairly superficial, as is most major media coverage of scientific research, and does not even mention how those two factors can foster the growth of harmful algae blooms (or HABs).  For those familiar with this site, you will already be familiar with our argument that the prophecies that call for the oceans to turn to blood, will be manifested by massive blooms of red tide.

There are many self-reinforcing factors that are all working to heat up the Arctic region to a much greater degree than the global averages, and this will serve to accelerate global warming (and its many ripple effects) in the rest of the world.  Do not be caught unprepared when things really start to get cranking.

Speaking of Global Warming

I found another blog site that discuss the role of Arctic methane release in an accelerated global warming scenario.  It appears to be a geo-engineering site and the author has ties to the arctic news site that I discussed previously — http://geo-engineering.blogspot.jp/2011/06/earth-at-boiling-point.html
The site is worth reading as it gives insights into global warming that you will not get from the major media outlets.

It appears that a group of scientists have published a new set of global warming predictions, which are far more aggressive than anything to date (excluding my own keen Revelation based predictions).  They argue that global average temperatures will raise by 4 degrees centigrade, by 2060 at the earliest — that sort of temperature rise would actually bring about many, if not all, of the relevant prophecies in Revelation — http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2010/nov/29/climate-change-scientists-4c-temperature  This is more inline with the timeline that this site has argued for — but we are still more aggressive, as we have argued that analogous temperature spikes will occur prior to 2048 at the latest.

Loss of Basic Rights

‘Innocent until proven guilty’, ‘due process’, protection from ‘unreasonable search and seizure’ — these supposedly protected rights are still being trampled upon in America on a daily basis http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/06/30/drug-cops-took-a-college-kids-life-savings-and-now-13-police-departments-want-a-cut/  This may seem trivial but remember, once precedent is set, then the application of that precedent will be expanded upon.

The Anti-Christ will be a tyrant and he will rise to power over supposedly democratic nations — do the math.


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