This site has argued that the Fifth seal has been opened (Revelation 6:9) and that we are now waiting for Christ to open the Sixth seal (Revelation 6:12).  We have speculated that the opening of the Sixth seal will be manifested by a major eruption of one of the world’s super volcanos.  We presented scientific research which shows that in the paleontological records, the periods where the polar ice experienced a significant meltoff was also a time when there was a high level of volcanism in the world.

The catalyst for the global warming we are now experiencing has been due to manmade carbon emissions.  However, the rapid acceleration of this warming will be driven by natural global warming cycles that have been triggered by man’s activities.  Scientific research has shown that when the earth experiences significant melting of the polar ice, global volcanism picks up.  Iceland is very representative of this phenomena.  At present, volcanic activity in Iceland is experiencing a significant uptick.

The intuition is that as the land based ice melts, the reduction in weight allows the land to rise — like when you take a weight off a sponge.  As the land rise, it draws up magma with it, which stimulates volcanic eruptions.  We are seeing this process in Iceland.  In a similar vein, recently it was discovered that under the ice of Antarctica lies over 90 volcanos — the densest concentration on the whole planet.  The implication is clear:  in past episodes of polar melt, the removal of the ice’s weight caused the land to rise, triggering massive volcanic eruptions.

Given this research, we have speculated that global warming will accelerate to the point of causing global volcanism to increase significantly, and in that process, will trigger a major eruption of a super volcano which will fulfill the prophecy of the Sixth seal.  Perhaps it is God’s final warming to the world that things are about to get serious — the opening of the Seventh seal will be something that nobody will want to experience.  Hopefully God will rapture His Believers before that — but even if He doesn’t, He will give us the ability to deal with the aftermath.

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