The heatwave that hit Europe earlier this past week has moved on to Greenland, causing a record breaking amount of melting of its land based ice.

The melting of polar ice is part of a number of self-reinforcing processes, which is causing global warming to worsen.  This site has speculated that the real danger of Arctic ice melt is not the danger of rising sea levels and the eventual flooding of coastal cities, but rather its connection with a higher magnitude of global volcanism.  The massive amount of water pouring into the oceans from the melting polar ice increases the pressure on the ocean floor — and this site wonders if that increased pressure causes the underlying magma to become unstable.  Could the pressure build up to the point where magma starts to well upward, causing volcanoes to become more active?  As we have also argued that it will be a catastrophic eruption of a supervolcano that will be the manifestation of the opening of the Sixth Seal (Revelation 6:12), the melting of the polar ice could be very relevant to Revelation.

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