When it comes to sea level rise and coastal flooding, we can easily say that it falls outside the boundaries of Biblical prophecy.  That does not mean it won’t happen.



These articles, whose links I posted, are well written, and eloquently summarize scientific research that was published recently, which discusses the mechanics of how Antarctica glaciers melt.  I am highlighting these articles as they touch on a theme that we have been banging the table about ― that global warming and its secondary effects will accelerate faster than consensus models predict.  In this case, the research argues that catastrophic sea level rise could occur within the next 20 to 50 years, not 500, resulting in the flooding of all of the world’s major coastal cities.

The implications of this research does touch on one possible aspect of prophecy.  A sudden and catastrophic acceleration of melting of land based Antarctica ice, would cause the continental land mass to rise even faster as the weight of the ice is removed.  This would result in a sudden up-welling of magma as well.  This could trigger, not only the 100 plus volcanoes found under the ice in western Antarctica, but it could also trigger a catastrophic supervolcano eruption.  It is possible that the prophecies of Revelation warn us that there will be multiple supervolcano eruptions.

This new research on the physics of land-based glacier calving is consistent with our arguments that global warming will rapidly accelerate and will prove to be a driving force for many prophecies relating to the End of Days. It also supports our arguments regarding supervolcanos and prophecy.

The signs of Revelation surround us.

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