The ongoing saga of the volcanic eruptions on the Big Island of Hawaii highlights the power of nature.

This brings to mind our speculation that a supervolcano will erupt, to herald the opening of the Sixth Seal.  We can expect volcanic activity across the world to increase even more, as scientific research has shown a very strong correlation between the melting of the polar ice caps and high levels of global volcanic activity.  It serves a reminder that we are in the End of Days.

It would appear that the Big Island will not be the only place engulf by explosions and fire.  Israel and Iran have begun military attacks against each other around the Syrian-Israeli border, and with Trump walking away from the Iran Nuclear agreement, it is possible that America will begin a new campaign of ‘regime change’ in Iran.

Remember that the US has very recently waged campaigns of ‘regime change’ in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria.  The resulting effect has been the creation of the dominion of Death and Hades, where 1/4 of the world has been engulfed in death, suffering, and societal chaos.  It looks like a significant increase in the size of Death and Hades’ dominion could be in the cards.

Though America and Europe have not found themselves in the dominion of Death and Hades, they are right in the bulls-eye of the agents of the Beast, as they seek to prepare the way for the Beast’s rise to political domination.  A recent reminder has been representatives of the Democratic Party in America, openly advocating for the abolishment of any restrictions on immigration — aka open borders.

The agents of the Beast are actively promoting illegal immigration as they seek to undermine the sovereignty of the nation-state — the Beast will come to power over a superstate comprised of 10 politically merged nations, so it is part of his political agenda to weaken and destroy the sovereignty of nations.

In Europe, another reminder emerged, as Greece is seeking to give citizenship — and the right to vote — to nearly 800,000 refugees.  This will swing elections and help those who are seeking the elimination of all restrictions of who immigrate.

This is similar to efforts by the agents of the Beast in Chicago and California.  As we highlighted earlier, those ‘sanctuary’ locales are looking to give the right to vote to illegal immigrants based in their areas.  The agents of the Beast are undermining the democratic process by allowing illegal immigrants to vote illegally.   This is a direct attack on democracy — indeed the fate of democracy is linked to that of national sovereignty.

The return of Christ may still be 30 years away (or much less), however, we can see the signs of Revelation all around us.

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