This past week, Alaska suffered a massive earthquake, measuring 7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale.

In the past, we have highlighted research which showed historic correlations between rapid polar ice melts and increased global volcanism — this also includes increased seismic activity.

If the link between rapid polar ice melt and increased volcanism and earthquakes is real, then we can expect more major quakes in the polar regions.

This site has speculated that the melting of the polar ice caps will accelerate, and global volcanism will worsen, until one of the world’s long dormant supervolcano erupts.  This would serve as the sign that the Sixth Seal has been opened.

To say that this earthquake was caused by global warming would be a gross simplification, worthy of the mass media.  However, the natural world is a complex web of action/reaction.  Man made global warming has set off a myriad of known and unknown natural cycles that will cause global warming to quickly accelerate, and in doing so, help bring about many prophecies found in Revelation.

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