When this site first started to argue that climate change can be linked to some of the prophecies found in Revelation (actually, they can be linked to quite a few), we immediately started to look for possible drivers of rapid climate change.  At that time, the worst climate change scenarios were looking out at over a 100 year time frame or more.  In order for climate change to be a factor relevant to Revelation, catastrophic climate change would need to occur within the next 30 years, given that this site argues that Christ will return by 2048 (one hundred years from the founding of the modern state of Israel).

In our search for possible drivers of rapid climate change, we found the research of Professor Peter Wadham of Cambridge University.  He made very convincing arguments for how the release of methane from the Arctic permafrost (both under the sea and on land) will trigger a rapid acceleration of global warming.


We also found research on how the melting of the Antarctic ice is disrupting the ocean mixing that occurs mainly in the ocean around the South Pole.  This is resulting in the further warming of the world’s ocean water temperatures.  This will cause a further acceleration of global warming, and will trigger other natural global warming self-reinforcing cycles.

More recently, we highlighted newly published scientific research which found more than 90 previously undiscovered volcanoes, under the ice in West Antarctica.


This makes West Antarctica the region with the densest population of volcanoes in the whole world.  Because of this research, it comes to no surprise that there is also a volcanic caldera located there, which rivals the Yellowstone supervolcano caldera.


Located in West Antarctica, this caldera has been melting the ice from below.  We have previously highlighted research that argues that in previous times when there was extreme melting of polar ice (at the end of the ice ages), there was also an extreme level of global volcanic activity.  The research argued that the rapid melting of the polar ice resulted in the similarly rapid rise of the affected land mass as the weight of the ice dissipated — like when a sponge rises when weight is removed.  This rapid rise of the land mass caused magma to similarly rise, triggering global volcanic activity.  This latest research has an important implication — at some point, should the Antarctica ice continue to melt at a rapid rate, the volcanoes found in West Antarctica will begin to erupt.


This will serve as another potential trigger for rapid climate change, as the eruption of volcanoes under the ice in Antarctica will only serve to further accelerate the warming of the world’s oceans — this warming will cause global average air temperatures to rise further.

Science is supportive of the prophecies found in Revelation, and thus has become a friend of faith.  The signs of Revelation surround us.

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