This site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will serve to bring about, both directly and indirectly, a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  We started with the presumption that Christ would return prior to 2048 (one hundred years from the birth of the modern state of Israel).  In order for global warming to bring about some of the prophecies relating to the opening of the Seventh Seal (Revelation chapter 8), it would need to rapidly accelerate from its current linear trajectory.  Examining the available scientific research, we found that the studies relating to the warming of the Arctic was key.

We formulated the argument that man-made global warming had advanced to the point where it was triggering natural (i.e. not man-made) global warming self-reinforcing processes (i.e. global warming that will advance irregardless of any reduction in man made emissions).  The warming of the Arctic will prove to be a major catalyst for a sudden exponential surge in global warming.  The Arctic will continue to warm at a rate that is significantly higher than the global average.  This will trigger the melting of permafrost, both on land and under the Arctic sea, which will release methane (a very potent global warming gas) into the air.  This release will further accelerate the warming of the Arctic — which will further increase the melting of the permafrost (at an accelerated rate).  At some point, there will be a massive, catastrophic release of methane (the east Siberian sea is often focused on) which will cause global temperatures to rise in a rapid, and deadly, manner.

We have brought up this argument, as some recent research brings it to mind.

Our arguments pre-dates the Extinction Rebellion.  Unfortunately, even if their disruptive behavior is successful in bringing about additional man-made emission reductions, paleontological weather research indicates that there already is enough carbon in the atmosphere to bring about a further 5 degrees Centigrade rise in  global average temperatures — it just takes time for the natural self-reinforcing processes to kick in.

I do admit that at times, my arguments can cause me to be a bit stressed, but I focus on the Now, and trust God to help me to deal with whatever might come Tomorrow.  We are blessed to witness so many signs from God.  It can serve to strengthen our faith, and inspire us to be better servants.

Who knows, maybe the rapture will come at a timely moment — though it would be wise to prepare to deal with whatever may come.  God bless!

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