For a number of years, this site has been arguing that a rapid acceleration of global warming will occur, bringing about the manifestation of a number of prophecies found in Revelation.  Based on scripture, we argued that Christ would return before 2048 — one hundred years from the founding of the modern state of Israel (no man knows the exact timing of His return but that does not mean we cannot estimate the widow of His return).  For this reason, we argued that the rapid acceleration of global warming would occur prior to His return, a window of about 30 years.

Recently, a number of climate activists have been claiming that an existential global warming crisis will occur  — within the next 30 years.  It would seem that our views have been embraced by a growing number of people.

(full of assertions with no analysis or data, calls for end of civilization by 2050)

(AOC’s new green deal which targets 2050)

The Emergency

(Extinction Rebellion is an activist group, recently protesting in various cities)

However, these new converts are not Believers, but rather are making an argument for governments to take complete control over the economic lives of its citizens to enforce a harsh carbon reduction regime.  The same logic is being used to argue for an international governance to force the same regime on all nations.  This is one scenario by which the Anti-Christ will gain global political dominance.

The claims being made by these “radical” climate activist groups are completely consistent with the prophecies found in Revelation, the most imminent being those associated with the opening of the Seventh Seal.  However paleoclimatology  research papers argue that the amount of carbon already in the atmosphere is consistent with a further 5 degree Centigrade rise in average global temperatures.  Both science and Revelation argue that it is too late to avert cataclysmic global warming.

When the Arctic experiences an ice-free summer, then that would be an important signal that a spike in global warming will not be far behind.  I am not completely sold on the idea of the Rapture, though it would be nice to be spared from the harshest prophecies.  However, as God has given us ample warning, Believers should do what they can to prepare for what is to come.  Not all have the economic means to do much, but there is time to network, and perhaps find others to band with.  Zombies are not part of Revelation but one lesson from the zombie shows is that having a good group is helpful when things get real.

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