The European Union is finally getting serious about climate change:

Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (

What is a carbon border tax and what does it mean for trade? | World Economic Forum (

(OMG, I am posting a link for the WEF!)

A ways back, I am sure I broached this idea (sorry, being too lazy to look it up in the Archives section).  Basically, it represents an import tax on those countries that are large carbon polluters, like India and China to name two of the largest (America is actually number one, but it really doesn’t export manufactured goods — except for military armaments).  Of course, once this goes into effect, if done properly, it will have a tremendous economic effect.  The most immediate effect will be inflationary, as cheap imports from China and India (and other low-cost countries) will experience sudden price rises.

The bottom line is that in order to halt climate change, a drastic change in consumption must occur.  The current economic system must undergo radical change – or like the Avengers movie, a major part of the global population must ‘disappear’.  Either way, this site has argued that all of this is too little and too late.  The prophecies of Revelation, and scientific research, tells us that with the amount of carbon already in the atmosphere, catastrophic climate change is already in the works — it just takes time for the triggered natural climate warming cycles to kick in.  Luckily for Believers, we will be raptured (assuming our arguments are correct) before the shit really hits the fan — i.e. the opening of the Seventh Seal.

The signs of Revelation fill the world.


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