The Guardian is mostly filled with propaganda, but it is good for news on global warming (which is real).

Global heating is accelerating, warns scientist who sounded climate alarm in the 80s | Climate crisis | The Guardian

Of course, I am not alone in taking the position that global warming will accelerate faster than consensus thinking.  According to our view on the timeline of Revelation, global warming will accelerate to catastrophic levels before 2050, as that is roughly the end of the window of time within which, Christ will return (no man knows the exact time of Christ’s return, but we are just saying it should happen by 2050 at the latest).

There are a number of prophecies that can be directly tied to the effects of catastrophic global warming (please read the relevant Topics write ups), which are to occur prior to Christ’s return.  There are a growing number of indications that we are right at the part of the curve, where global warming will begin to increase in a marked accelerated pace.  There are a number of natural, global warming self-reinforcing cycles that are starting to kick into high gear, for example, the release of methane in the Arctic region.  Another is the lack of ocean mixing in Antartica, which has been causing the global oceans to warm.  This site first highlighted these cycles roughly ten years ago.

Based on paleontological climate research, there is already enough carbon and other warming gases in the atmosphere that is consistent with much higher global average temperatures — it just takes time for all of the natural, self-reinforcing global warming cycles to kick in.  Should a marked acceleration of global warming soon be upon us (or has already begun), it would further strengthen our argument that the opening of the Sixth Seal is near (the opening of the Seventh Seal will see the Earth engulfed in heat spikes on a global scale).

The world is truly filled with the signs of Revelation.

A link to the research paper, referred to in the above article, can be found below:

PipelinePaper.2023.05.19.pdf (

Also, a different research paper, written by the same researcher, that touches upon another natural, self-reinforcing, global warming cycle, is linked below:

1602.01393.pdf (


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