Of all the mass media misreporting (aka propaganda, fake news, narratives), perhaps the most amusing is its occasional attacks on meat and milk production.  The basic premise is that cows seem to fart alot — I have to take them at their word as I have had little direct contact with live cows.  The argument then goes on to say that these farts are full of methane, and that cows are farting so much that the methane from those farts are a significant contributor to man-made global warming.  The argument usually ends with the joys of being vegan or of the eating of beetles and grubs.  I have read that some vegans in France got so worked up, that they attacked a few local butcher shops.

A recent research report says that for some unknown reason, the presence of methane in the atmosphere has risen dramatically over the last four year — and it again points a weak finger at cow farts.


We can only speculate as to why the authors of this research report chose to ignore the fact that methane has been pouring into the atmosphere from the Arctic region, as the melting of permafrost — on both land and under the seas — releases plumes of methane.

The raw data of this research, namely that methane levels in the atmosphere have increased dramatically these past four years, is supportive of our argument that it will be a catastrophic burst of methane, released as the Arctic continues to warm at a significantly higher pace than global averages, which will cause a rapid acceleration in the pace of global warming — which will eventually bring about the opening of the Seventh Seal.

However, in the meantime, there will be those who continue to talk about cow farts.  I am sure the Green Party in Australia will be among them.  I can only assume that the Green Party is quietly ecstatic that up to 500,000 cattle recently were killed by the floods in Northern Queensland (an issue only for those Down Under and those countries who import cattle from Australia).   Perhaps this is why they are talking about the need to have pandas in Australia, as a lame distraction from the plight of cattle ranchers in Queensland.


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