Just a quick followup on methane release in the Arctic.  NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena embarked on a study of Arctic methane release.

Millions of Arctic Methane Hotspots Detected by NASA – Global Climate Change Impact

They flew planes over the Arctic with equipment that was able to detect and measure the release of methane from the Arctic permafrost.  It showed how the permafrost was releasing an incredible amount of methane into the atmosphere (please read the article for details).

Though there are a number of natural, self-reinforcing, global warming processes in motion, the release of methane from the Arctic may prove to be the most devastating, in terms of its role in accelerating the rate of global warming.  As we head further into the End of Days, it is likely that more and more unexpected events will occur.  Prepare for the unexpected as there are so many unknown-unknowns (verses known-unknowns).  With faith in God, we can rejoice that we are alive to see the signs of His coming, as fearful as they may seem to the unbelieving.

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