Siberia historically conjures up images of extreme cold and ice.  However, things are changing there quite quickly.

The ongoing heatwave in Siberia continues to bring problems to the area.  A massive oil spill occurred because the permafrost upon which the storage tank was built, melted and the ground collapsed under the weight of the tank.  Tree eating moths are devouring the conifer trees, which further renders the Targa vulnerable to forest fires — which are already burning out of control.

These events are relevant to this website, as we have argued that as the Arctic continues to warm, and as the permafrost melts, more and more methane will be released into the atmosphere.  This natural climate warming cycle will continue to accelerate.  When the Arctic becomes free of ice during the summer months, then there will be a tremendous acceleration of global warming.  When this happens, the opening of the Sixth and Seventh seals will surly be near (Revelation 6:12-14 and Revelation chapter 8).

In the meantime, we continue to see the hyper activity of the agents of the Beast, as they continue to prepare the way for his rise to power.  It brings me anger and rage (which is okay now as Michelle Obama says we cannot get too angry) as I read about their “activism”.

The world is filled with the signs of the coming prophecies of Revelation.  Prepare and organize into groups so that you will be better able to endure in your faith — its is easier to endure if you are not hungry and thirsty, and if you have the means to defend yourself against the growing number of minions.


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