We have long argued that the agents of the Beast have an agenda to weaken the democratic process and actively undermining the principles of democracy itself.  They lost the US Presidential election and rather than respect the election outcome, they have launched into a continuous and vicious attack on the winner — Trump.  Trump is a political outsider, and this is why the people voted for him.  He represented a change from the agenda of the established politicians — of both the Republicans and Democrats.  However, as an outsider, Trump does not have a cadre of loyal followers to appoint to key administration positions.  This has hurt him.

The absolute lack of ethics, morality, or truth being shown by the mass media, as well as the establishment politicians, shows the great danger to the continued survival of democracy in America.  The agents of the Beast has infiltrated the different organs of government, and have corrupted or co-opted many in politics.  This is all indicative of how the Beast will act when he rises to power — he will be full of arrogance and will use the mass media and his agents to trample on any democratic processes or principles that still remain.

As we draw closer to the days of his reign, Believers need to consider withdrawing from the insane world being created by the culture war being waged today.  The normalization and promotion of homosexuality and drug use will cause the utter corruption of normal society, and to remain within will endanger your children.  Pray that God will give you the means to make your escape.

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