I have put the section, Erosion of Democracy, into the archive section for now.  It is not dated, but I am wrestling with my rewrite.  It is a nuanced argument, and I am not the best writer.  In the end, I will probably end up simplifying it, and then go into depth on different aspects of argument in smaller bites, using articles highlighted in ‘Recent Events’.

But let me emphasize, two points here.  First, the government policies (trade, fiscal, monetary, immigration) have resulted in the the birth of a new aristocracy (the top 1%), given that now so few people control such a huge percentage of the nation’s wealth.  This combined with the growing economic underclass cuts at the economic base that supports democracy.  Second, the federal government is slowly clawing back rights and powers that people won at the founding of America.  The outcome of these two trends will eventually be the rise of the Beast — among other things, a tyrant that will overthrow the processes and institutions of democracy.

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