Exit polls are indicating that Theresa May and the Conservative Party suffered a tremendous electoral defeat in yesterday’s election.


Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labor Party, will be considered the winner of the election as Labor picked up many seats at the expense of the Tories.  As we highlighted earlier, Corbyn was immediately and continuously attacked by the major media and by many in his own party when he was elected leader by the members of the Labor Party.  Corbyn has never supported the wars waged by America against the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, nor Syria.  For this reason, the agents of the Beast hate him, for they wish to kill all Muslims who would oppose Israel.  Should the exit poll be accurate, then the agents of the Beast suffered another major electoral defeat.

It is very uncertain how things will play from here in the UK.  However, the election results again show that the Beast and his agents can be defeated.  Even though the Beast will eventually rise to power, it is the duty of Believers to resist him, in order to buy time for our children, to give them more opportunity to find their way to God.

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